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Mindfulness Counselling

Mindfulness Counselling – Online or face to face

Somatic Therapy – Face to face

Body oriented trauma and stress releasing program

Mindfulness Counselling for Pregnants – Face to face

Mindfulness Counselling for Athletes & Sports Teams – Face to face 

* £60 per hour
* £400 for 8 sessions of Mindfulness Counselling
* If you have any questions please email me at; azize@azizesahin.com

Neurogenic Stress Reduction

Neurogenic stress reduction technique uses yoga poses to release the stress from the muscles. This practice combines simple yoga asanas and pranayama with the body’s natural, therapeutic shaking response.


Release of chronic tension and increase of energy and stamina

Discharge of buried emotional and physical trauma

Freedom from symptoms of sciatica and fibromyalgia

Decrease of aches and pains

Improved sleep

Improved circulation

Improved mood

Improved sense of feeling grounded and focused

Improved flexibility

£400 for 8 sessions of Mindfulness CounsellingOne to one private sessions in the comfort of your own home £50 per hour

* Group sessions £15 per hour (can be arranged according to request)

* If you have any questions please email me at; azize@azizesahin.com


Private yoga classes in the comfort of your own home

* Tailor made mindful yoga sessions (Hatha & yin yoga for all levels) £45 per session for one session. £200 for 5 sessions.

* Fees are payable at the end of each session.

* If you have any questions please email me at; azize@azizesahin.com

After School with Mindfulness

Benefits of mindfulness with kids

Strengthens self-control.

Lower’s anxiety and stress.

Increases positive moods.

Better decision making.

Improves Emotional Regulation Skills.

Increases self-esteem.

Improves Health and Body Image.

Improves social skills and communication.

After school childcare with mindfulness, breathing and yoga activities for primary school kids.

I am able to take children from John Rankin Junior School & St. Nicholas CE Primary School.

Prices: From pick ups to 6pm £20 per day (including mindful eating with healthy snacks and mindfulness activities for 1 hour)

Payments are due in advance in the begining of each week.

For further information you can e-mail me at; azize@azizesahin.com

Azize Sahin


Azize Sahin, who believes that life is a journey to build human beings from her own being, went to retreat in the Himalayan region of India to find answers to her questions at the age of 30. With the inspiration from there, she has decided to teach yoga and mindfulness as a professional. From 2009 to 2015, she continued to take classes from valuable instructors on yoga, body-oriented therapies and mindfulness. During this time she taught yoga and mindfulness simultaneously.

In 2015, she started her master’s degree in Applied Psychology at Uskudar University. Here, she had the chance to follow Prof.Sinan Canan’s Neuroscience classes and designed new trainings by integrating scientific knowledge into the mindfulness practices she taught. The combination of the ancient wisdom-based practices of the East, which she taught for years, with the analytical point of view of the West, made a difference both in her own practices and in her trainings.


She currently teaches stress and emotion management with mindfulness and yoga to adults, children, institutions and schools in OpenMindfulness Ltd.

In April 2019, her  book on Neuroscience based Mindfulness Exercises for Children was published with Sinan Canan.


2019 – Oxford Home Study College, Child Psychology Advanced

2019 – Center of Excellence, Mindfulness based CBT

2019 – Center of Excellence, Neuroscience

2019 – Acikbeyin, Developmental Neuropsychology

2018 – Acikbeyin, Neuroscience with Prof.Dr.Sinan Canan

2018 – Acikbeyin, Neuroscience of Mindfulness

2017 – Riccon Akademi, Family Counselling

2015 – Mindful Schools, Mindfulness Fundamentals

2015 – Somatic Trauma Healing with Ursula Furstenwald

2015 – Birthlight UK, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

2014 – Yoga Alliance, Yin Yoga Teacher Training Istanbul

2014 – Yoga Alliance, 300 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

2013 – Yoga Alliance,Meditation Teacher Training with David Cornwell

2013- Flow Yoga advance training with Mey ELBI

2012 – Zen Counselling with Svagito Liebermeister

2011 – Healing the traumas with Svagito Liebermeister

2011 – Birthlight UK, Baby Yoga Teacher Training

2010 – Rainbow Yoga UK, Kids Yoga Teacher Training

2009-2010 Yoga Alliance 200 hours – Cihangir Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training

CV for working with children

In 2010, she’s started working with children with the training of children’s yoga from Rainbow Kids UK. In 2011, with the birth of her son Deniz, he gave pregnancy yoga classes and mom & baby yoga classes.  Afterwards, she focused on working with adults and after her education at Mindful Schools in 2015, she continued to teach mindfulness practices to small children groups. She has been organizing Mindfulness workshops for children in Acikbeyin since 2018 and she is continuing her ”Child Development” undergraduate online program in Istanbul University.

She wrote a book  in Turkish titled Kendimi Keşfediyorum which includes neuroscientific explanations and mindfulness exercises for children with Sinan Canan.

who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. -C.JUNG

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